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Giving the Gift of a Family Meal

The PRAVA team has been eager to give back to the very community that enables it to continue its business in these difficult times. We are excited to share our initiative to partner with The Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos. For this initiative, the PRAVA team donated personalized gift baskets, filled with our employees own favorite recipes and the ingredients to create a loving, home meal. Our mission was to send out the baskets, cultivated with our own personal care and “in-home feel” to families that can build memories while cooking and creating together. In these uncertain times, a family meal always brings everyone together

Evan and Tammy Wahl's Basket

Evan Wahl (Vice President of PRAVA) and his wife, Tammy Wahl, were delighted to share one of their favorite meals: “In my basket, I put all the goodies to make a wonderful bean and chicken tortilla soup. A very forgiving soup that can be made with many different ingredients of your choice. Don’t forget shredded cheese, sliced avocado, diced purple onion, chopped cilantro, and/or sour cream on the side to take it to the next level of delicious!”

As a thank you to PRAVA, the children of the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos gifted the team some new friends- adorable hand painted pet rocks! They now live happily in our office. 

Check out our local coverage in the Union Tribune, North County Daily Star, & Vista Press!

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