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Get all the personality of a small BUILDER — with all the ability of a large CONTRACTOR

With a strong company culture, we’re well known in the industry for hiring the best in the construction industry. And though we’re proud to be a family-owned business, each one of our dedicated project managers, superintendents, project engineers, project coordinators, management staff, and support staff possesses an expert level of experience, enabling us to achieve excellence with each project we take on — no matter the size.

Collaborate, communicate, and fully trust your general contractor

Open communication is critical to completing your project on schedule, on budget, and with an outcome that perfectly matches your vision. That’s why within our own team, among our subcontractors, and with each of our clients, we make sure to prioritize sharing information, valuing each person, and running projects more intelligently.

“PRAVA Construction Services, Inc. continues to raise the bar on the level of professionalism that I have now come to expect from all of my contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

The knowledge and the experience that PRAVA brings to the table is truly impressive. What’s even more impressive is the value they bring to their customers. For someone in my position, it’s knowing that the job will be done right the first time; and knowing that they’ll consistently exceed my expectations.”

Mike Peters

Group Operations Manager | Enterprise Holdings

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In The Community

Work alongside PRAVA to build a better community, one project at a time

Giving back, paying it forward, and supporting the people and causes we care about most has helped us become leaders in our industry. Working with us means you’re helping us invest in strong client-provider relationships, create a positive culture between contractor and subcontractor, and give back to our community.

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