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Since well before launching PRAVA Construction back in 2005, the Torrez family has demonstrated a strong sense of community engagement, donating
throughout the year to causes such as Autism Speaks, disaster relief, and others. As PRAVA grew, both Glenn and Denise made it a priority to continue to give community support on behalf of the company and employees. Under this influence, PRAVA employees began to spearhead their own engagement platforms, and to this day, charitable giving, fundraising, and community engagement remain a crucial ingredient to PRAVA’s company culture.

PRAVA’s Giving Month Program

Continuing a spirit of social engagement that had long been a part of the company, PRAVA launched our Giving Month program in 2015. The idea is that each month, a different employee gets to become the facilitator for fundraising or charitable giving for a cause of their choosing. Over the past three years, the team has helped fundraise donation dollars, personal care items, kids book collections and toys, food, time, and even construction projects. Subcontractors have also appreciated the outlet and often get involved with volunteering or donating.

“I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to Prava Construction for all they have done in their support of Warrior Foundation~Freedom Station and the ill and injured warriors here in southern California.  Each December we have been selected as their “charity of choice” for the month – many of their employees climb on board to collect items, such as food snacks, food staples,  toiletries, towels, cases of water and Gatorade and a myriad of other items to be given to the ill and injured warriors here at home and to be sent to our warriors fighting for our freedom in parts unknown.

Prava is making a difference in so many lives and we feel blessed to have them as a partner in our journey to assist, honor and support the military men and women who bravely serve and sacrifice for our country.

Judy Sexton

Chief Operation Officer | Warrior Foundation – Freedom Station

Social Networking Events

What originally began as a chance to network with construction industry professionals and sample some of San Diego’s tasty craft brews ended up turning into something a bit more when we brought in fundraising from our Giving Month program.

Now, subcontractors, peers, and clients all come together in the same room to get to know each other in a casual, fun way — while also enjoying the opportunity to donate to an organization that is making a difference.


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