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Our goal was 31 pints and thanks to our TEAM and our COMMUNITY we donated 34 pints!

Our donations will touch the lives of at least 118 people in just three days! We are so thankful and proud of our TEAM and our COMMUNITY for coming together and donating to this important cause! We helped those in our community who are battling anemia, severe liver disease, cancer, burn victims, trauma patients, and those undergoing bone marrow transplants, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation or organ transplants.  Thanks to our generous partner, Urge Gastropub & Common House, each donor received a voucher for a pint of beer for their pint of blood donated. This marks our 7th annual blood drive and we look forward to continuing and growing this partnership in the coming years! 

We registered 28 donors and collected 34 units – 9 of those donors were first time donors and 16 people did a double donation procedure to maximize their donation in different ways to benefit the community the most. This blood drive was extra special because our donors were able to donate more types of blood donations than we usually do. The types of blood donations we received were: 

Red Blood Cell: Red blood cells travel through your body delivering oxygen. Units of red blood cells are often used in Emergency and Operating Rooms when treating accident victims and during surgeries. Red blood cells are also necessary when treating patients with anemia.

Whole/Double Red: People with Type O blood are especially in demand with O+ being able to donate red blood cells to anyone who has an RH factor + while O- can donate to anyone with either RH + or –. These donors are referred to as universal donors.If you are Type O, you can make the most of your donation by donating whole blood or double red cells. A double red cell donation is made through apheresis where red blood cells are removed and fluids are returned to the donor.

Plasma: Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood that carries clotting factors and proteins. Plasma is needed to treat burn victims, trauma patients and those battling severe liver disease and cancer.

Platelets: Platelets are blood cells that help control bleeding. Patients undergoing bone marrow transplants, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation or organ transplants often need platelets to survive. Platelets from all donor types are needed.

THANK YOU again to our donors for not only agreeing to donate, but to trying a new type of donation to help more people in our community!

SDBB Team 2

Thank you to our amazing San Diego Blood Bank Team for helping make our Blood Drive a success!


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