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Breaking Ground on Our New Project: the TERi Campus of Life – San Marcos.

The project has officially entered the construction stage! In December, TEAM PRAVA announced that we had been named as the contractor of choice for the new TERi Campus of Life – San Marcos project. Not only is this an enormous 20-acre site that will have six (6) new buildings totaling 111,000 sq. feet and featuring space for more than 600 individuals to take hands-on courses and participate in activities, but it’s also a truly a life impacting project that we are extremely proud to be able to assist with.

This world-class Campus of Life is a sustainable facility set among 20 acres of ancient oaks, rolling hills, and pristine farmland in San Marcos, California. The facility’s primary focus will be to provide a place for individuals with developmental disabilities to enjoy activities, take classes, learn about technology, have fun, and spend time in an inspired therapeutic environment. The first of its kind, it’s an ambitious project seeks to share knowledge and innovation that can impact the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities around the world.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, TERi is a nationally recognized leader specializing in bridging the gap between individuals of all ages with a wide range of developmental and learning disabilities and the rest of the world. The organization serves more than 800 families through its main Oceanside, CA campus and residential homes throughout the area. With more than 500 dedicated staff members, TERi offers over 19 programs that bring educational, social, and vocational opportunities to individuals in need.

The Master Plan Includes:

111,000 sq. ft. of facility to accommodate hundreds of activities for students, teachers, researchers, professionals, volunteers, & community members

  • Kitchen and dining facilities equipped to serve up to 600 people & provide culinary training & education to countless individuals
  • 25,812 SF fitness & wellness complex with 3 pools, plus outdoor recreation space throughout the Campus, & the Equestrian Center.
  • Theaters, art studios, galleries, music & production studios, classroom & lecture space: all available for community use 6.5 acres of on-site organic agricultural space for training & campus sustainability, including facilities to process & distribute produce grown on our farms.
  • Administrative facilities, life planning center, family support services, distribution center, & transportation centers.

Throughout the next year, we will also be partnering with TERi to help them fundraise for this project and other initiatives. To learn more about these opportunities or to get involved, please contact us now.

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