Project Details

Driscoll Intrepid Boat Works

Construction of two shell structures to support the active boatyard on the property. Building D is a 1 story, type II-B, open shed building for storage of marine vessels. Building E is a two-story type II-B structure. The ground floor includes restrooms for the site and future tenants, and 3 two stories leasable office space with storage located on the second level. Building E is being permitted as a shell, tenant improvements will be submitted under separate permit.  Building D is a pre-engineered steel storage structure, for which this permit submittal includes both drawings and calculations. Plumbing and electrical scope are also included in this submittal.  For ground floor office and shops at building E, mechanical HVAC shall be permitted under future tenant improvement. At exterior walls for these spaces, batt insulation and interior drywall layer shall also be installed under future tenant improvement. All work under this permit is designed to meet the prescriptive requirements of title 24.


Driscoll Inc


Project Keywords

Commercial Tenant Improvement, Private